Chetan Sabhaya Opened Doors to 2X AUM During Lockdown

Chetan Sabhaya

Rudra Finserv - Ankleshwar, Gujrat

The year was 2020. The world shut its doors as the COVID-19 storm raged. For many MFDs (Mutual Fund Distributors), it was a financial nightmare. Offices closed, client interaction down, and their AUM (Assets Under Management) took a hit.

But amidst this chaos, Chetan Sabhaya, a seasoned MFD and founder of Rudra Finserve, saw an opportunity, not a roadblock.

Chetan, with over 15 years of experience, wasn't one to give up easily. He knew he had to adapt, and adapt fast.

This is where REDVision's Robo Advisory platform, a knight in shining armor, entered the picture.

The Power of the Platform:

With REDVision, Chetan could:

  • Onboard clients remotely: Gone were the days of physical meetings. He simply sent a link, and clients, even those residing internationally (like his client from Uganda!), could complete the process digitally in a jiffy.
  • Become a 24/7 business: No more being tied to office hours. Chetan could now serve his clients anytime, anywhere, offering unmatched flexibility with software access on the go.
  • Deliver a client experience like no other: The platform's convenience and transparency fostered stronger relationships with his clients, making them feel truly empowered about their investments.

The Result: A Doubling Act!

The results were nothing short of phenomenal. In just two years, Chetan's AUM doubled, jumping from Rs. 22 crore to a whopping Rs. 44 crore!

This wasn't just about efficiency; it was about prioritizing client experience. By freeing himself from routine tasks like onboarding, he could focus on providing personalized advice and building stronger connections with his clients.

Feeling Stuck? There's a way out for you too!

Is your AUM stuck in neutral? Are you feeling limited by traditional methods? Take inspiration from Chetan's story and explore innovative solutions like REDVision's Robo Advisory platform. It might just be the key to unlocking your path to success, even amidst challenging times.