Rakesh Bhatia: The SIP Hero of the Pandemic

Rakesh Bhatia

Rinvest - Amritsar, Punjab

The year was 2021. The pandemic hit with shadow of fear and uncertainty. For MFDs like Rakesh Bhatia, founder of Reinvest, it was a time of struggle. Redemptions were high, and AUMs were taking a beating. But amidst the gloom, Rakesh found his inner hero, and it all started with a webinar.

A Spark of Inspiration: Stuck at home, Rakesh tuned into a REDVision Technologies webinar on running successful SIP drives. This session became his guiding light, igniting a spark of hope in the midst of the crisis.

the Tide: Armed with 18 years of experience and REDVision's powerful software, Rakesh devised a plan. He identified 200 existing clients who hadn't increased their SIP contributions in the past two years.

The Big SIP Win: Rakesh's team, armed with emotional intelligence (not weapons!), approached these clients. They encouraged them to make increasing their SIPs a New Year's resolution. Their dedication paid off, resulting in a massive win – 183 new SIPs in one day, generating a whopping ₹6.35 lakh!

The Story Continues: Rakesh, a man who thrives on challenges, wasn't satisfied. He aimed to break his own record with another SIP drive in April, this time including new clients as well.

Lessons from the Champion: Rakesh's story is more than just numbers; it's a testament to resilience. Even in the face of adversity, he refused to give up. He became a beacon of hope, showing others that winning is possible even during challenging times.

Technology – The Secret Weapon: Rakesh is a firm believer in the power of technology. He credits REDVision's software for making his life easier. From one-click client reports to easy-to-understand valuation reports, REDVision streamlines his operations and empowers his clients. He also cherishes the friendly support he receives from the company's relationship managers.

Embrace Change, Reap Success: Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Take a page out of Rakesh's book. Don't be afraid to experiment with new ideas, like SIP drives and innovative software like REDVision. Just like Rakesh, you too can find success by embracing change and exploring new possibilities. So, ditch the old ways, embrace the new, and pave your path to financial success!