Success Story Partho

How Super Bike Helped A MFD To Achieve Success?

In the heart of Bhopal, amidst the busy streets & lakes, lived a man fueled by passion and driven by determination. Partho Chakraborty, the director of Concept Advisory, a promising Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) with dreams as vast as the sky & never giving up attitude.

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Success Story Chetan

An MFD whose business runs 24X7

The year was 2020. The world shut its doors as the COVID-19 storm raged. For many MFDs (Mutual Fund Distributors), it was a financial nightmare. Offices closed, client interaction down, and their AUM (Assets Under Management) took a hit.

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Success Story Hardik

Solution of Biggest Headache of MFD

Imagine being able to access all your investment details, from portfolio breakdown to asset allocation, with just a tap on your phone. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for Hardik Joshi, a seasoned MFD and founder of Shrey Wealth, this dream became a reality.

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Success Story Rubal

Forget 10x 6 Saal me 119x growth

Imagine taking your business from a mere 40 lakh AUM to a staggering 60 crore in just six years. That's the incredible growth of 119x & it’s the story of My Shubh Nivesh, a financial services firm founded by the enterprising Mr. Rubal Sridhar.

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Success Story Rakesh

How to successfully complete 180+ SIPs within single day?

The year was 2021. The pandemic hit with shadow of fear and uncertainty. For MFDs like Rakesh Bhatia, founder of Reinvest, it was a time of struggle. Redemptions were high, and AUMs were taking a beating. But amidst the gloom, Rakesh found his inner hero, and it all started with a webinar.

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Success Story Harsh

How this MFD did 500+ SIPs within a single day?

Have you ever heard of someone processing over 500 SIPs, worth a whopping ₹7 lakh, in just one day? Sounds crazy, right? Well, meet Harsh Shekhar, the "SIP ka Badshah" (King of SIPs) from Sharedealerplus, who achieved this seemingly impossible feat!

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Success Story Bhavesh

How this MFD Raised 1 Crore Seed Funding for his business?

Imagine starting your dream business, not with fancy investor money, but with the belief of your own clients! That's exactly what Bhavesh Kotecha did, right in the bustling heart of Hyderabad. Forget angel investors, Bhavesh turned to his loyal clients and said, "Hey friends, believe in me?

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