Hyderabad Hustle: Bhavesh Beats the Odds with Investor Network.

Bhavesh Kotecha

BMK Wealth - Hyderabad, Telangana

Imagine starting your dream business, not with fancy investor money, but with the belief of your own clients! That's exactly what Bhavesh Kotecha did, right in the bustling heart of Hyderabad. Forget angel investors, Bhavesh turned to his loyal clients and said, "Hey friends, believe in me? Help me build my dream?" And guess what? They did! A whopping ₹1 crore poured in, enough to kickstart his "BMK Wealth" and turn heads in the financial world.

From Bookworm to Businessman

Fresh out of college, Bhavesh craved his own path. He knew knowledge was key, so he landed a bank job in 2010. He soaked up everything there was to know about wealth management, and then, the entrepreneurial bug bit him. BMK Wealth was born!

Clients Over Cash

Bhavesh could have chased the big bucks from investors, but he chose a different route. He believed in his clients, the ones who had his back for the long haul. It was like building a business with trusted friends, not faceless strangers.

Tech: His Trusted Sidekick

To serve his clients the best way possible, Bhavesh found a tech partner in REDVision's mutual fund software. This became his "right hand," allowing him to prioritize his clients' needs at every step.

Conquering the Covid Curveball

When the pandemic struck, Bhavesh didn't flinch. He pivoted his business from paper to digital, guiding his clients through the tough times. And guess what? They thrived! Even during the uncertainty, his clients saw excellent returns on their equity investments, all thanks to smart digital solutions.

The Future's Bright

Bhavesh has big dreams. In the next five years, he aims to be the go-to financial guide for young Hyderabadis (aged 25-40) looking to grow their wealth. But his ambition doesn't stop there. He eventually wants to expand his services to cater to even the biggest financial players, the HNIs and corporates of the city.

Putting People First

Bhavesh isn't driven by a single "hero." He believes the true key to success lies in understanding your clients, their needs, and their financial goals. By putting them first and allocating their assets wisely, he ensures they achieve the best possible results.

REDVision: The Tech BFF

Bhavesh relies heavily on REDVision's software to manage his complex business. He swears by the portfolio rebalancing feature, and his clients appreciate the secure OTP transactions. The quick and friendly support from REDVision's relationship managers is another major plus, keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Bhavesh's story is a reminder to follow your passion, break the mold, and never settle for ordinary. Embrace your dreams, find the right support system, and let your passion be your guide to success. Remember, even when challenges come your way, with a little bit of hustle and the right team by your side, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!