From 40 Lakhs to 60 Crores AUM in 6 Years – My Shubh Nivesh's Growth Journey  

Rubal Shridhar

My Shubh Nivesh - Hisar, Haryana

Imagine taking your business from a mere 40 lakh AUM to a staggering 60 crore in just six years. That's the incredible growth of 119x & it’s the story of My Shubh Nivesh, a financial services firm founded by the enterprising Mr. Rubal Sridhar.

But what was the secret sauce behind this phenomenal rise? Let's discover how Mr. Sridhar transformed his business from a small-scale operation into a financial powerhouse.

The Challenge: Juggling Portfolios and Restless Clients

MyShubhNivesh, while offering a comprehensive suite of services like financial planning, investment management, and tax filing, faced a major hurdle – portfolio tracking. Without a proper system, proactively managing client investments became a challenge.

Adding another layer of complexity, their client base primarily consisted of salaried individuals, known for their frequent job changes and relocations. This constant movement made tracking their portfolios and reallocating assets during market fluctuations a logistical nightmare.

REDVision to the Rescue

Enter REDVision, a revolutionary software solution that proved to be the game-changer for MyShubhNivesh. This powerful tool empowered them with:

  • Effortless portfolio management: Say goodbye to manual tracking! REDVision streamlined the process, making portfolio management a breeze.
  • Simplified tracking and reallocation: No more scrambling to keep up with client relocations. REDVision made it easy to track portfolios and reallocate assets, irrespective of location.
  • Enhanced understanding: Clients gained better insights into their investments, fostering trust and confidence in MyShubhNivesh's services.

The Result: A 119x Growth Story

The impact of REDVision was nothing short of phenomenal. In just six years, MyShubhNivesh's AUM skyrocketed a staggering 119x, growing from a humble 40 lakh to a whopping 60 crore! Their SIP book also witnessed a significant increase, reaching a commendable 1 crore.

Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, REDVision's robust technology ensured uninterrupted service for MyShubhNivesh's clients.

The Takeaway: Embrace Technology, Unlock Exponential Growth

MyShubhNivesh's journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology in the financial services industry. By embracing innovative solutions like REDVision, they not only overcame operational hurdles but also built stronger client relationships and achieved remarkable growth.

So, are you ready to write your own success story? Take a page out of MyShubhNivesh's book and explore the power of technology to propel your business to new heights.